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What are your value drivers?

Dec 21, 2022

What are your value drivers? What I mean by this is what is driving the value of your company. Hopefully the answer is you. So if you've seen any of my videos, you probably know that I work with business owners and I really try to help them become entrepreneurs where they're running a company instead of running a business. And the way I do that is I start with their exit strategy.

I figure out what do they want to do at the end of their career, sell their business, pass their business down. They bring somebody in to run it for them or they just quit. Once we're really clear on their exit strategy. We move to a value driver assessment and then we begin executing by installing an operating system that frees them up to actually drive value in you as a leader.

Drive value in three different ways. One, you drive the value of the company, meaning that the company at the end is more valuable than it was. The second way we do that is add value to you as a leader where your team looks at you and they hold you at a high regard as the leader of the company.

And finally, we add value to our customers. If our customers don't value our product or service, then they're not going to continue coming back and we're not going to get any more new customers. So once we determine your exit strategy and we begin to look at your value drivers, we'll go through what's called a value driver assessment and we'll look at all of the areas that you are strong in or you have challenges in and you need to work on.

I call these areas the 11 P's. These are your value drivers, your people, your processes and your products, your promotion, your profitability and your purpose. Planning, positioning and property if you own it. And then finally, pay how you compensate your entire team and professionalism. Is your business professionalized? If you feel like you don't have time to drive value in your company or you don't have the knowledge or feel like you need, I'd like to schedule a call with you.

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