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Find out how exit interviews can transform your business!

Jun 14, 2023

Have you ever sat down and had a real conversation with a customer? Exit interviews are the way to go.

Hi, my name is Jeff Martin. I'm founder of Company Growth Academy, where we believe as you grow your company grows. So the video you're going to watch is not the video I'd planned. I just got off of a phone call and I'm telling you, it was a masterclass in business.

I just wrapped up a six week cohort. I invested into a webinar course where it was a hybrid coaching course, an online course. But because of this phone call that I just got off of, I said, man, you got to hear this today.

This coach invited all of the members to participate in an exit interview. He framed it as an exit interview where he can gather details and feedback from us on the course, but also give us time to ask any final questions before we have different directions.

So I got on the call and this guy has a really professional, low key temperament, right? I went into this kind of excited to talk to him one on one. We just had a conversation. He started asking questions. By the end of this interview, really, we both gained a lot of information. He started with a question like, How did you find me?

How did you find information about this course? So we talked and I answered and told him how I had discovered him. And then he asked, What made you invest in this course at this time? So I shared the information. There was some new updates that he put in and I'd been following for a while, and because it was about webinars and I'm producing a webinar right now, it was timely for me as well by him asking each one of us for feedback.

I really know that he's investing time and energy and effort to improve his course. And the cool thing about it, you're like any online course, you have lifetime access to that. So I want to see it improve not just for me, but for other people too. So during the conversation, obviously I was providing feedback and, you know, because I think he felt like he got a good response from me and I was a fan, you know, of the product and him.

He asked for testimonial. Of course, I'm going to give him a testimonial. He has a great deal. We literally wrote the testimonial together while we were on the phone. And then he surprised me. You know, he said just in his mild mannered way, he said, some people want to become referral partners and refer people to me. And if you're interested, I can even send you an affiliate.

Of course. Said, Yeah, people need to hear about this course. People like me need to go through this. So in the end, what did he get from this conversation? One, he got marketing information, determine what's working. Secondly, he got feedback from me and like I said, it's very timely. I just wrapped up this course. Of course I'll have access to it for a long time.

But you know, you want to strike while they are is hot. And third, he got a testimonial. I mean, you got somebody who is finishing up. They're really happy with the course. And he invites me to give a testimonial and he gets to use my testimonial in his marketing to gain new clients. He also got a statement from me that I'm 100% satisfied.

I teach this in my sales coaching. You always open a loop with the client and you want to finish the loop. You want to get them back to saying, Yes, I'm satisfied. I like your product, I like your service. Because when they do that, it sort of checks a box in their head and then they walk away going, Hey, Jeff Martin really helped me.

So what did I get out of this? Basically, I got all of my questions answered. I feel really good about this product and my investment. And, you know, I didn't even know this was going to happen. But I'm now an affiliate of his program. Sometimes affiliate marketing can be a little icky, but it's not like that. But if you want, you want we do that.

But if you need help with webinars, I got the guy. I'm not trying to sell you. You know, I'm new to affiliate marketing, but if you are interested and you need help building a webinar, go ahead and send me a message or make a comment on the deal and I'll get back with you in the end. The reason I'm so excited about this is because of what you can take away from this information.
If you can plan and sit down with your customers. Most of our customers aren't going away where you're not going to talk with them anymore. But at some point you really want to sit down and just have a conversation. I think you'll find that there are opportunities for both the customer and for you. You can ask them how did they find you?

You can get marketing information and you can take that information and make decisions on what's working and what's not working. You can also get feedback on how to improve your product or your service. How many times have people asked you, What did you think about our service and all that? And you just say, Oh great, that is some very, very valuable information.

And you also build on the relationship you have with your customer. It's so critical that relationships are everything, and when you find out how satisfied they are, it actually finishes that loop. And so they are there walking away from the conversation, think, one, this guy cares. And number two, I'm satisfied I don't have a complaint and they move on and all they're going to do is become a referral source and send people your way.

And then you have the testimonial. That's what I was so impressed with. If you can stop and talk with your customers and weave it into a conversation where it seems like it just makes sense, go ahead and start collecting testimonials. That's going to help you tremendously in marketing. If this video was of value to you, I want to invite you to subscribe so you can see more videos like this. We put them out every Wednesday so you can continue to learn how to lead your people, grow your company and live your life.

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