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The most common mistake business owners make

Jun 07, 2023

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels like nothing you do helps move your company forward? The most common mistake I see in struggling companies is divided attention. It's also the one thing that when you get it right, will help get you moving again. I've owned several companies and I've worked with hundreds of companies and their leaders in each one.

We've experienced peaks and valleys and in a big way it's a learning curve. We set goals and most of the time we win. But sometimes we lose. But we always learn lessons and we always continue moving forward. At some point we hit plateaus and whatever ever we try just doesn't seem to work. It's usually the time when we've stressed our people too thin.

We have asked too much of certain individuals, and we do that because we trust those people so much. Most of the time they take on the challenge and they accomplish the goals we set out for. But when we divide their attention too much through new initiatives, new big ideas, goals that they're accountable for, and especially asking them to take on new roles, we divide their attention.

And what this does is it does two things at once. One, it takes their focus off of what they need to be doing, but at the same time, it will not allow for expertise. Having expertise in critical areas of the business will move your company forward and it's divided attention that will stop that in its tracks. Expertise develops with time and attention.

Of course, having people with natural ability is a huge plus, but even the best of the best need to focus on their specific talents and learn through iteration. If we're constantly asking them to take on new roles or oversee too much, we are not allowing them to focus, learn lessons and get better at what they're doing. If this sounds familiar to you, schedule a growth accelerator session.

Just go to Company Growth Academy and schedule a call. Until then, remember the reason you got into business in the first place to lead your people, grow your company and live your life.

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