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Is Your Business In Trouble?

Mar 08, 2023

Is your business in trouble? By the end of this video, you'll have a tool that'll help you focus on the areas your business needs you most. One of my sons is in town from college, and yesterday he wanted a sub sandwich. So we went to a sub shop that's inside a gas station. He walked in and came out about 15 seconds later and said, It's closed.

That wasn't a surprise to me. Over the last three months, it has been closed three different times when I've gone the first time. I was really surprised because it was it in the middle of the day. The second time, one of the gas station employees told me they can't get their people to come in to work. So when it was closed yesterday, I really wasn't surprised.

I know one day soon I'll walk in and it'll be replaced by a different restaurant brand. Here are seven signs that your business is in trouble. Your marketing and advertising just isn't getting the response it used to get. Your sales continue to trend downward. Your customers begin complaining more. And though those complaints are becoming pretty consistent, your cash flow is getting worse and worse.

You cannot get your employees to show up for work on time or when you need them. The initiatives you launch are starting to fizzle out, and worst of all, you're becoming so tired you just don't try anymore. If one or more of these situations sounds familiar, all is not lost. We just need to focus on the right things and take action.

I want to invite you to take a business assessment. We'll focus on six critical areas of your business. And after you take the assessment, you'll know where your attention is needed most. To take the assessment, just go to and click on the button that says, "Take Your Assessment."  And remember, as you grow, your company grows.  Keep growing!

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