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The Secret To Effective Business Development

Sep 07, 2022

You want to hear a secret? Before we get too far. I want to ask you to watch this video to the end for two reasons. One is because if you don't hear me all the way out, it could seem a little bit icky. And the other is because it takes a little while to unpack.

Today, I'm going to share with you the secret to effective business development. For 25 years of my 30 year entrepreneurial journey, I've been grinding. I would put my head down and I was focusing on growth growing. And it took extreme focused and extreme work. I didn't have a chance to do what I'm going to share with you today.

I got where I was pretty good at marketing, but I got where I could advertise. But marketing and advertising is very transactional. And of course, we need transactions to survive. But what I want to share with you is what we need to grow. The secret to business development is really relationship development. Where it gets a little icky is how do you create relationships intentionally, strategically, so it can help you in your business.

I've been coaching now for about seven years. Most people I feel like I'm able to help and they go on and do great things. Some people I just can't get across to, you know, for whatever I do, we just don't connect. And so I'm blessed to have had some unbelievable clients. And I what I wanted to figure out, how did I get those clients? How did I find those people? And what I realized is I actually had a connection with them before they came and worked with me. Oftentimes, I had some kind of relationship with them before they even knew what I did for a living, and that is when I figure it out. Relationship development is the key to success.

What would I tell you to do? I tell you to get involved. Get engaged in your community. Join a club. Join an organization. Volunteer at a nonprofit. That is where you will meet some of the best clients you're ever going to have. But that's where it kind of starts to feel a little bit icky. I'm intentionally doing some volunteer work so I can get business. Yes and no. Really, what I would say is three things. Pick out an organization that aligns with your core values. Pick an organization that that does good for people. And you're willing to do good for those folks. Maybe pick an organization that the volunteers are your ideal customers or at a minimum, your ideal referral sources, and most importantly, join an organization and give it everything you can with absolutely no expectation of getting anything in return.

When you can give and meet people where they are and work hard and build relationships, you will end up showing the value that you add. And as you develop those real relationships, people are going to ask you what you do for a living. And because you've already earned their trust and they like you and they know you're a great person, they don't work with you, they'll absolutely refer people to you.

So the key to effective business development is really relationship development. Remember, as you grow, your company grows, keep growing.

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