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Your Business Should Pay You Back

Dec 07, 2022

I want my money back!  Have you ever let somebody borrow something? Maybe it's money. Or maybe you lend them your car or let them borrow some clothes. And the agreement was that they give it back to you. After they use it, they return your car after they run some errands, or they send your clothes to the cleaners and they give it back to you after the event, or they pay you your money back.

Isn't that the same deal we make with our businesses? We go into it with the arrangement that we're willing to invest time and money and energy and blood, sweat and tears. But at some point, our business has to pay us back. Unfortunately, in a lot of small businesses, the business never pays them back. That day never comes. But it's not for our lack of trying or the investment we put into our business or the time and equity we put into the business.

What we often find is there's a problem with the business. There's either a business model problem. There's sometimes a strategy problem. Quite often we have people problems and we also have math problems or time problems. Math is when the money just doesn't add up and you run out of money and time is when you run out of time. And sometimes it's a combination of both.

If you're struggling to figure out what's wrong with your business, why is your business not paying you back? Then I want to talk to you. So go to and schedule a call with me. We can sit down and we can figure out what type of problem you're dealing with and determine the best step forward.

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