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Accept No Excuses!

Jan 25, 2023

You have no excuses. Today I'm going to share a living lesson. This is a lesson that I am learning at the moment, and I'm sharing it with you live as a child myself in this manner. As you can see, my voice has got to shine. Last week I came down with the flu and surprisingly still not a word on working from home.

I'm just now getting into meetings, doing some Zoom meetings, and instead of going into the office and infecting right there and, you know, having my friend Dustin come in and shoot video and risk him getting sick. I've decided to shoot this video, and it made me think about how committed I am to shooting these videos and giving some content.

I'm no hero here, but the lesson really is that once you commit to something, you either are going to see it through or you're not. But I am 100% committed to providing weekly content. When Dustin and I were brainstorming in this, we said, Look, let's give it a year. Let's do 52 weeks of content. And the original plan was to get ahead of the game about four weeks.

It was to record and have them in the car and if will, to always be about four weeks ahead. And the thought was, you know, as if he had to go on a vacation or I had to go on vacation or got to go on a vacation, we wouldn't have to stop. We would not have a break in it.

And so I find myself in the situation where all of those ideas about getting ahead of the game were just ideas. And we usually end up shooting one and then edit it and post it and we're stay a week or so ahead of the game. Well, it caught up to me and I got the flu and here I am.

Of course, I could have not shot a video and everybody in the world would probably understand where the guy had the flu. But that's not what I set out to do this year. Again, not that I'm the bravest little world. All I got the flu. I got sick. But if there's a lesson, there is a lesson for me and hopefully for you is about commitment and you determination and not allowing excuses to get in the way of stopping your goals.

What I would say is there are typically three things that I would recommend that you would take when you make a decision to start a project or you have a goal is, number one, gauge your level of commitment. Like look at how committed you are. If you're not 100% committed and I don't know that I would even started.

Number two is look at the obstacles that can get in the way. What are some of the obstacles that can get in the way of you finding success or continuing to push your goal forward? And then finally, you have to plan for contingencies. Like I was saying, I plan to get four weeks ahead. So if I went on vacation or if I got sick, it wouldn't stop me at all.

Although I had a plan, I did not execute well. So obviously execution is always the end all, be all. But think about this with your people too. You know, if you have your employees, team members and they're setting goals and they're going out and you ask them, number one, what your level of commitment and if they come back with you with 80%, it's not good enough, 90% not good enough.

When they come back with 100% say, okay, good. You're 100% committed to them, and then ask them what obstacles may get in the way of you finding success or reaching your goal. And if they have some obstacles and they've looked forward and they understand that things can happen, let's talk about the contingency plans. What happens if a happens or what happens a B happens, the likelihood that you're going to reach your goal, the likelihood that you're going to continue on with your commitment and find success is much, much greater.

And so the call to action today is to get into a rhythm of working with your people, asking them what their level of commitment is. Do they have any obstacles that might get in the way and then help them create a contingency plan to move forward? But you can't really do that and hold them accountable if you can't do what I'm asking you to do.

So go out, live your life. Make sure you have fun, but also get you work done. No excuses. And remember, as you grow, your company grows.  Keep growing!

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