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Do you meet just to meet?

Nov 23, 2022

Do you ever feel like you meet just for the sake of meeting? It shouldn't be that way. It absolutely should not be that way. Because meetings are really to help you maintain your focus and increase your productivity. There are some of us that are solopreneur, and there's still times that we need to stop, focus on our business and do a personal check in.

And then there are business owners that have teams. You can have two other people or 50 other people. I believe you need to be meeting on a regular basis and have a really solid meeting rhythm. And that's what I want to talk with you about today. There are five meetings that I want to recommend and kind of give you a little bit about each one of them.

First of all, is your all staff meeting. Now, this meeting happens weekly, one time a week for about 30 minutes. The objective for the all team meeting is to unite the team around your three economic objectives.

Then you have your leadership meeting. This is also a weekly meeting and should only last 15 to 30 minutes where you gather the leaders in your business or your department heads and you sit down for a focused meeting.  This really is designed to allow the department heads to kind of share their progress from their department and then unite each of the departments together to show how we're all working on the objectives of the company.

The next is the departmental stand up. This happens every single day, but it's only about 5 to 10 minutes. This happens within the department, so the department head would facilitate the meeting and it's really designed to help everyone in that department focus on the three objectives of the company and to make sure you're focused on the objectives from the department.

Next, we have the personal priority speed check. This is also a weekly meeting and it's interdepartmental where a department head meets with one of their team members for about 5 minutes to make sure that they're focused on their personal priorities. That lead to the departmental and the company's priorities.

Finally, we have the quarterly performance review and like the name says, it's performed quarterly and it's all about an individual's performance over that three month period when it's all said and done.  This is designed to help the individual team member contribute to the company's mission and know that they're part of the team. There's nothing worse than throwing somebody to the wolves and they're working, but they have no idea how their contributions or affecting your department and your company's goals. Meetings are designed to maintain our focus and to increase productivity.

If your meetings are just boring and people are disengaged and you're not getting the most out of your people, then consider using the five meetings that I spoke about in this video. If you have any questions or you need help installing this meeting rhythm into your business, please go to my website company growth academy dot com and schedule a call with me and I would love to talk with you about that.

And as I always say, as you grow, your company grows, keep growing.

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