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Start Improving or Get Moving

Mar 15, 2023

Either start improving or get moving. Today, I want to give you a tool that'll help your underperforming team members. It'll also inspire your entire team and increase productivity. This morning, I got a text from a client and she needed a little guidance because two of her employees were about an hour late coming in to work. This company is a production company.

They produce a lot of products and they depend on each person being there. Otherwise, it causes delays and it causes frustration, to say the least. It is not fair to the other employees when people don't pull their weight. I shared with her the improvement plan. It's basically writing someone up, but it has a clear set of expectations and certain rules that I'd like you to follow.

Number one, it should be set for a specific time frame. I recommend either 30, 60 or 90 days. Number two, it should highlight a specific problem or set of problems that your employee needs to improve upon. Number three, you should clearly define what improvement means. Number four, you should set clear expectations and set a timeframe for those expectations to be met.

Number five, Set milestone meetings. It's really important that you show up for these meetings and honor the process. The employee sees how important it is and you are keeping your promises to number six. This is a written document, so we have to be crystal clear and document that if our expectations are not met, it will end in termination.

And number seven, you have to get them to sign this document saying they agree to these terms. In my experience, this leads to two different outcomes. Either one, they're going to fire themselves or two, they're going to rehabilitate and become one of your better employees. Either way, you help an employee and you prove to all of your team that what we're doing is very important and that there are consequences to not meeting our expectations.

If we don't deal with these situations head on, our team can get demoralized and get frustrated and end up thinking that they can do exactly what the other people have done. If you need help building a more productive team, just visit Company Growth Academy com and set up a call with me. And remember, as you grow, your company grows.  Keep growing!

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