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Execution Is The Solution

Aug 24, 2022

You've got a problem. It's not just you. We all have problems. And we're all searching for solutions. For business owners, we're willing to try just about anything. We try quick fixes, and they often turn out to be just Band-Aids. We try things that used to work, and for some reason they don't work anymore. And sometimes we try to just ignore it and hope the problem goes away, but that never works.

Then we try to find somebody who can help us solve our problems. When I had my national DNA testing company, I ran into problems every now and again that I had not experienced and I had not dealt with. And so I tried to reach out and find people that could help me. I tried advisors, I tried consultants, and then I tried coaches.

In my opinion, coaches are the way to go. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a business coach. Advisors often just give us advice. They tell us what to do and then they go away. Consultants. They'll help us create a plan, but then they also go away. And then you have coaches. Coaches help you find out what the real problems are.  Then they walk side by side with you, helping you and your team execute on the solution. Until the problem is what goes away.

There are millions of types of problems that we business owners face every day. Some we can solve and some we can't. I'm willing to bet that the ones we just can't figure out execution is the solution.  If you need help executing, I recommend you find a business coach. If you'd like to talk with me, I'd love to visit with you.

Go to Company Growth Academy and click on the schedule a call button. You and I will get on a call and start executing. And remember, as you grow, your company grows. Keep growing!

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