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Erase The Chaos!

Nov 02, 2022

I can't live like this anymore! Sometimes that's what my wife says when she walks into a room like our laundry room or garage or sometimes our house and things have just gotten out of control. Things will just build up and build up and build up. And then all of a sudden she's like, How can we live like this?

And the same thing can happen in your business. You can be plodding along, doing the best you can, and all of a sudden you just can't live with this chaos. And you've probably seen it. You've probably walked into a business. It just felt chaotic. It felt like nobody really knew what they were doing or they had no systems or processes for anything. They were just kind of flying from the seat of their pants. So if you felt that way in your business, well, you just can't live like this anymore.

What you really want is order. The antidote to chaos is order. And how do we bring order into our business? It's through installing an operating system. Now, I've shared with you before about an operating system and employing an operating system into your business. But really, what is it? It's a set of processes, systems, frameworks, playbooks, checklist. It's a set of tools that you use in your business to bring order.

And so you'll want to focus on the six main areas that you need to be focusing on, which is leadership, marketing, sales, operations, talent in your products. If you feel like your business is a little chaotic and you need to bring order to your business, start by taking our business assessment.

Just go to Company Growth Academy and you'll see to take my business assessment that will allow you to see what's broken in your business and what you need to work on and even kind of sort of take inventory of what you can start with first and you'll be invited to set up a 30 minute call with me so we can look at your report and look together and see what's your next best step.

Remember, as you grow, your company grows.  Keep growing!

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