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Do you hate your business?

Jan 04, 2023

Do you hate your business? Last week I was working with a client, and out of nowhere he just asked me, Do you work with business owners that hate their businesses? And immediately I said, Yeah. Then I was able to explain that they don't actually hate their business. More likely they love their business and they love their business so much that when they get disappointed, it hurts worse.

It's a lot like when we love someone and they hurt us. It just hurts worse than if it were someone we really didn't know or care about. So how can your business hurt you to the point where you feel miserable? You feel like you hate it? The truth is, it's easier than you think. I've mentioned before that I wrote a book, and the book is called Business Mulligan. I kind of want to tell you why I named it Business, Mulligan.

If you know anything about golf, you know that there's a term called Mulligan that if you don't like the shot you just took. You can take a mulligan. You can do a do over, and you can take the shot again. Really, that's exactly what happens in our business.

In our business, we have this vision of where we want to take it. We have this vision of what it looks like in the end and it what it looks like on day one. And all too often the day you open your business, it's like a bad golf shot. It goes off course, it takes a different path, and we spend weeks and months trying to get it back on course.

I've worked with people that have spent years and decades trying to get their business back to where they originally thought it should be. And in reality, your business has changed for very good reasons. Number one is your customers. If you're doing things the right way, you're going to listen to your customers. And when they tell you they don't like a product or they don't like a service, hopefully we will listen to our customers and make the appropriate changes.

The challenge is it may not be what we first envisioned, but if we're doing things right and I know you will, you're going to listen to your customers and allow them to help direct the path on where your business goes. The second change happens with your employees. Your employees are going to make you are they going to break you by bringing on people to help you accomplish your goal and reach your vision?

Your employees are going to either mess it up or they're really, really going to help you. And then finally, you you will change the minute you open your business. You go from either having a job or self-employed to taking a whole lot of risk and starting a business. And the second you see things change, it's up to you to either accept it, adapt to it, or change with it.

And that's really what I do, is I help you become the leader your company needs you to be. If I had to give you three points, I say the same thing all the time. It's about clarity, strategy and action. Before you open your business, your crystal clear about where you want it to go. And then things change. Then you have to come up with a strategy to help get back on the course.

And it continues to change. And then you have to take massive action and the people that I've worked with that have really lost interest or been disappointed by their business, it's because they stop taking action. They stop because it's not what they first envisioned. I'm not suggesting that we accept the change if it's not very good. What I'm suggesting is continue to grow.

Just like your customers. Hopefully you'll listen to your customers, your employees. Hopefully you will motivate them to inspire them to work with you, to reach your vision or you'll listen to their ideas and see where they may be able to take it. Because you can't do everything. You're going to have to depend on people to help you reach your vision.

And you you have to grow as the leader. This is a great reminder. Remember, as you grow, your company grows. Keep growing!

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