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Feb 22, 2023

Business is all about solving people's problems. In today's video, we'll discuss how your customers can have a more pleasant customer experience. As a story brand certified marketing guide and a business made simple business coach, you'll often hear me suggest to position yourself as the guide in your marketing messages. That means become the person who can help your prospect turn into a lead.

But that's only one small part of your commitment to becoming a guide. If you think about your customers total journey with your business, they go through several phases. First, you have your attraction phase where you're advertising and marketing or showing your customers how you solve the problems they have. Next, you have the conversion phase where your customer raises their hand and says they want what you're selling and you just have to simply show them how to buy.

Next, we have the onboarding phase where you show them what's coming up next. Then we have the delivery phase where we provide our goods or services and they end up getting the result they wanted. And lastly, I call it the advocacy phase, where our customers go out and tell other people how we can help them. So what's the common denominator with each one of these phases?

First, we have to find out what they want. Second, we have to provide a solution. And third, we guide them to the outcome that they want, whether we're talking about marketing or sales or operations. When we position ourselves as the guide, we're telling our customers that we want to take them from wherever they all right now to wherever they want to go at every step of the way.

We must help them solve a problem. Today, I want you to think about your customers journey from when they first hear about you all the way till they're telling people about how you can help them. Think about each phase in that journey and then lay out the steps in each one of those phases. And most importantly, figure out step by step how you can guide them from face to face to face.

When you and every member of your team can take on that role as a guide, you'll quickly learn that as you grow, your company grows.  Keep growing!

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