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Is On-Again, Off-Again Marketing Costing You Business?


Do potential customers really know all the ways you can serve them?
How much business are you losing to competitors because they execute better marketing plans? 
How many people never hear about your business in this "sea of sameness?"
How many more customers could you serve on any given week? 

Not having a Marketing Plan you can execute could be costing you a great deal.

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You And Your Business Deserve ...

Clear Messaging

Executable Plan

Consistent Growth

Confidence in your marketing plan, materials and messaging.

A simple, repeatable process you and your team can actually execute.

A website that acts more like sales machine than an online brochure.

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Your Plan For Marketing Success

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You and one member of your team will be a part of a small group of business owners.

Create Your Marketing Plan

We'll create a custom marketing plan your team can actually execute.

Be The "Go-To" Business

Your company will be the recognized leader in your industry.

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What People Are Saying


Roxanne Clark

In the past we relied on word-of-mouth and referrals, but we didn't really have a clear plan on how to market and what that looked like.

Roy Petitfils

Jeff helped me see things about my business I could not see and develop a workable strategy to grow my business and increase my reach in ways I'd never imagined.

Renee Richards, LCSW

I really felt overwhelmed.  I had no idea where to start or how to go about it.  So, it was such a relief to have an expert guide me in the direction that was right for me.

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When you take the Marketing Assessment you'll be sent a personalized Marketing Report from StoryBrand.  After you review your report let's visit to see if it makes sense to join the 90-Day Marketing Accelerator. 

Take Your Marketing Assessment

We get it - you didn't go to Marketing School

Most small businesses struggle with inconsistent marketing.  Company Growth Academy helps you create a custom marketing plan you can actually execute, so you have a constant flow of new customers.

We know you want to be the "Go-To" business in your area.  To do that, you need a constant flow of new customers.  The problem is you don’t have a Marketing Plan you or your team can execute consistently and the thought of adding marketing to your to-do list is overwhelming.  Your good reputation ought to be enough to bring in new business, but social media and technology have changed the way marketing is done. We get it - you didn’t go to marketing school.  And you need to focus on what you do best for company.  We’ve helped hundreds of people who have struggled with the exact same situation by using our simple, repeatable process.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Join the Mastermind 
  • Create Your Marketing Plan.
  • Become the "Go-To" Business in your area.

So, join now!  In the meantime, take our free Marketing Assessment to see where your company's marketing can improve.  It’s time to stop lagging behind your competitors and instead have a business that runs well, serves your clients at the highest level and supports your lifestyle.

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